Fly Fishing Instruction

We are pleased to announce that our Fly Fishing Instruction will soon be available online for individuals with varying degrees of ability.
We firmly believe in individual attention, and we do not do groups of strangers since each person learns at their own pace. Often other class members can prove a distraction or create a competitive environment. The best way to learn is one on one or as close to that as is possible.


For those who have never fished or are just embarking on flyfishing and desire to have a good head start. We will provide the beginner with sufficient skills to be able to enjoy future flyfishing excursions unassisted. Includes:

  • basic casting,
  • knot tying,
  • basic knowledge of flies,
  • wading advice,
  • information on selecting equipment.

A solid introduction to the basics of flyfishing.


For anglers who have some experience and would like to improve their skills and abilities.

This course includes:

  • some work on improving casting skills,
  • enabling you to make longer and more accurate casts.
  • Learning or improving the all-important line mend.
  • Learning to tie the essential knots.
  • Nymph fishing basics, use of a simple dropper fly.
  • Basic water reading.
  • Advice and assistance in remedying problems you may be having on the stream.
  • General fly fishing applications for the variety of flies commonly used.
  • Proper use of leaders, lines, and equipment.

Casting Instruction

Here at Catskill Flies, our many years’ experience as fly fishers, observers, and guides have only served to stress the obvious, that good casters are the most successful anglers! In reality, possessing the ability to cast your fly far enough and with a degree of accuracy necessary to present your artificial to feeding fish is the very basis of successful angling. To assist you in becoming better fly casters, Catskill Flies will offer fly casting lessons.

BEGINNERS: Please refer to our fly fishing lessons, which include basic fly casting, along with other fundamentals necessary to enjoy fly fishing unassisted.

INTERMEDIATE: This course is designed for the angler who has one to several years of fly fishing experience and would like to improve their casting abilities. If you are experiencing persistent casting problems such as: too low a backcast, poor presentation of your fly, the dreaded tailing loop, or others, time will be spent identifying, explaining, and eliminating these faults. Our primary goal will be to assist you in becoming a much-improved fly caster.

ADVANCED: This course is tailored for the fly fishers with perhaps five years or more experience who have achieved some degree of proficiency and have the desire to “fast forward” their skills and abilities. As needed, time will be spent on identifying, explaining, and correcting any casting problems presently being experienced. Learn alternate casts, which become an enabling factor when coping with adverse conditions. Also, learn the single and double-haul, which dramatically increases line speed, making those long distance casts a reality. Our goal is to assist you toward being an improved fly caster, which will result in not only in more fish but will also enhance your overall fly fishing pleasure.